Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Back to work!

As I suspected now that I am no longer on holidays and am back at my "regular" job, four days a week (Mon-Thu), I have not had the time to blog! I have not been home before 7 pm each night so far and with Monday night as my regular 'crop' night with other local scrapbooking ladies and other family commitments in the evenings I have not had time to complete what I want in my stamping arena - including adding new posts or images to my blog!

I have been trying to complete my 7 swap cards (sample previously displayed on my blog) and to complete some samples of cards demonstrating the technique of tiling as this is what I am going to demonstrate at my next workshop to be held at my home with my regular local friends and customers. These samples I will load to my blog this coming weekend when I have some more time and can take some photos of them in better light during the day.

Happy stamping!

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