Saturday, May 3, 2008

New blog header coming soon!

I haven't been completely happy with my blog header, but with my limited blogging skills I have made do with the one that I initially created. However, my son's friend has the ability to use Photoshop better than I currently can and is going to give my blog header a new look! So keep checking my blog to see what he manages to design for me. I have given him a brief overview of what I would like it to be like and he says he thinks he can come up with something for me that I will be happy with. I can't wait!

Last night a few ladies and one friend's daughter, Megan, got together at my place for a regularly bi-monthly stamp class/workshop. I featured the various 'tiling' techniques and then everyone had a go at experimenting with this technique and adding their own creativity! It's great to be able to bounce ideas and creativity off one another. One of my friend's Sarah had fun with her inner child and used Megan's creative flair to bounce off from and create a lovely tiled card with the Wild about You stamp set.

While everyone was happy stamping, I also had the opportunity to try the 'Fossil Stone' technique that Claire from our Stampin’ Up!® demonstrators group the Tassie Inkydinks demonstrated on her blog. I will take some photos of what I created from this technique and load them to my blog over the weekend.

Happy stamping!

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