Sunday, September 21, 2008

Black & White Scrapbook Challenge

Hi! Thanks for dropping by my blog. I hope you find some inspiration and enjoyment in what I share in this space.

Every Monday evening I go (or at least try!) to attend a local 'crop' night where a group of friends and acquaintances get together to share our enjoyment of scrapbooking and papercrafts. Each month we are given a challenge in which Niki (the organiser and hostess of the evening - thanks Niki!) gives us a few items with which to use on a scrapbook layout - it is great to see the different ideas we create with the same items - and then someone within the group also gives us a separate challenge for which we have approx. six weeks to complete. This time Mel gave us the six week challenge which was simply 'Black & White'. We were allowed to interpret that in whichever way we liked - I know most will think of black and white photos! I know I did and I also kept my layout to a black and white colour scheme. Although I did give some thought to adding just a 'dash' of a colour somewhere on the layout, maybe that is something I can try another time!

Anyway here is the layout that I created for our 'Black & White' challenge, it is a photo of my family when we celebrated Dylan's 18th birthday at Da Angelo's. (I still have yet to put the final touches on, photograph and load to my blog the double-page spread that I created for his album in memory of this special occasion). Apologies for my poor photographic skills!

The Stampin' Up! products that I used on this layout were 'Cherished Memories' rubons, Designer Label punch and matching Styled Silver Hodgepodge Hardware label holder. The 'always, always, always remember' and four flowers down the side were Sei Every Day Moments iron on art (felt-like embelishments) and I used a Crafty Originals laser cut chipboard embelishment.

Although I have prepared this post on Sunday evening, 21 September I will not post it until after we share our challenges on Monday evening as I know some of my scrapbooking friends drop into my blog now and again and I don't want them having a sneak preview!

Postscript - the challenges were great! So many different styles and interpretations. A few with coloured photos but a complete black and white layout, a couple of wedding layouts - which the style of black and white blends well with!

Happy stamping!

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Robyn said...

Hi Mae Enjoyed visiting your blog this morning! LOVED your tri-fold card and your OSW !!


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