Friday, September 12, 2008

One of a Kind

One of the techniques I enjoy using with my stamps is 'masking', where you stamp the first image and then cover that with a previously stamped and precut image, and then stamp another image overlapping the first one. A point to remember is whatever image you want to appear to be at the front is the one that you should stamp first before masking it and stamping the other images. This is a great way to create 3D effects or to show dimension in a stamped picture (similar to how I created my garden card on an earlier post for a Kristina Werner challenge).

At a recent workshop where I had demonstrated this technique using the Wild About You stamp set I had an image come into my head about creating a card with a flock of penguins (is that what a group of them is called?) stamped in black and white and having one penguin stand out in a different colour, so creating a unique individual. Well this weekend my friend Maree's daughter was having a birthday and for some reason I felt that this design could create the birthday card that I wanted to make Erin feel special and 'one of a kind'. We all deserve to be special on our birthday. So here is the card that I created...

Happy stamping!

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