Sunday, November 23, 2008

One Sheet Wonder No3

For those of you who have dropped by my blog before, you would have perhaps seen that I enjoy creating bulk cards using the One Sheet Wonder (OSW) technique. This is where you take one sheet of either A4 cardstock or 12x12 cardstock and stamp your own pattern all over it (less white/blank space is preferable as when cutting up the cardstock, as per the template, you may find too much blank space in some pieces) or you can use a sheet of Designer Series Paper (DSP) as I have done with this one. This is then the focus for basing your cards on to create a bulk number of cards, quickly but that are unique in themselves.

A good friend of mine, Jodyann and I often get together to be 'crafty' as I put it, where we either scrapbook, create cards, try new techniques, design projects etc. As our menfolk were away this weekend either working or watching cars racing around the track at Symmons Plains we decided to get together for a craft session.

I felt some of the cards in my last OSW were not quite to the style or standard I like and so Jodyann and I decided to re-use the same template, using one sheet of DSP - Ginger Blossom (from the upcoming new Summer Mini Catalogue) - and we picked a sheet and matching cardstock - Very Vanilla, River Rock, Ruby Red, Groovy Guava and Cameo Coral (the Cameo Coral is not a colour we use often and this combination was definately not a favourite of ours, but we decided to put ourselves outside of our comfort zone and see what we could produce!). We deciding by re-using the same template, together perhaps we could modify the template or card designs to better effect -- and I must say we were pleased with the results! I modified my template slightly, in particular card design Nos 7, 10, 13 and 14, and we added some background stamping to some of the card bases, as well as adding some additional layers to others!

Here is a photo of all 15 cards and the modified templates we used. You can click on the video link below to view the cards individually and let me know what you think of our results. Feel free to use the template to create your own suite of cards and if you do, then leave a comment here on my blog with a link to your creations as I would love to see what you do with the templates.

Happy stamping!


Cathie in UT said...

HI Mae
I love your OSW template but I have a problem...I can't figure out the sizes of your cuts. Would you be able to send me the cut measurements so that I can create some cards with your template?
email me at

Tia @ Crafty Fingers said...

Hi there Mae, Tia here from Crafty Fingers NZ. I too love your templates and am also struggling with you have a copy of it done in Inches. I will persavere and try but my paper trimmer is in Inches too!!! Thank you very much...Tia

Mae Collins said...

I will remember to provide both metric and imperial measurements in my future templates. Thanks for the comments.

Regina said...

Thank you, dear Mae, for your great One sheet wonder template. I do it for the second time
Greetings from germany

Vin said...

Was wondering if it is possible to get measurements for this template in inches

Mae Collins said...

Sorry everyone but I don't have that template in imperial (inches) measurements. Thanks for those who have used it though and enjoyed it.


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