Tuesday, January 27, 2009

How exciting over 10,000 visitors to my blog!

I dropped by here to my own blog the other day and noticed that 950 people had visited (or hits had been made on) to my blog and thought I should do something like giveaway 'blog candy', as it seems to be known by some, for when it reaches 10,000 visitors to my blog! Well what do you know I have had far more than 50 visitors to my blog in the last couple of days, atleast 300, that is so nice and encouraging that people see my blog as something worth dropping into whether on a casual or regular basis to see what I have been creating lately.

So I have decided to add a new feature to my left-hand sidebar, that of 'Followers of my blog' and as part of this additional feature I am going to giveaway some Stampin' Up! items to the first person who signs up as a 'follower' of my blog - will it be you?

As it is late now, 11:30 pm, I am not going to take time uploading some images of cards I have created recently but will do that in the next couple of days. I also had made a calendar topper for my mother-in-law using two photos she had given me of two of her grandchildren jumping (obviously from a trampoline due to their height and action) and which she wanted title 'Jumping in to the New Year'. I was pleased with the result but realised I did not take a photo of it until after I had given it to her so can not share the vivid colours and great photos of the boys!

Anyway it is getting late and I need my rest, so thanks for stopping by and be sure to leave a comment of what you see here.

Happy stamping!


Chook said...

Hi Mae

You know I love checking out all your work. 10000 visitors is very exciting, congratulation. Looking forward to seeing more of your creations when your not so busy.

Regards Chook

Oma said...

Hi Mae - I have you on my google reader and now I am also a stalker/follower. Love your cards!

Mae Collins said...

Thanks for letting me know you follow my blog, I hope you find inspiration here! I am assuming you are of Dutch origin hence the title 'Oma' my father is Dutch as is 'Opa' to all his 19 grandchildren (20th due in the next couple of weeks!).


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