Sunday, March 1, 2009

One Sheet Wonder Workshop

Many of you who drop by my blog would know that I enjoy creating One Sheet Wonders (OSW) - which is essentially one sheet of stamped cardstock (or patterned paper) that is cut up and used as the feature element to create a number of cards (or items). It is an easy and quick way of creating coordinated greeting cards and a method that I like to use to bulk up my personal card supply, to give away as a gift set or just recently as a format for one of my Stampin' Up! workshops.

What I want to share with you today is the workshop and template that I developed around a OSW based on an A4 stamped sheet and using only two contrasting colours in a monochromatic colour scheme. My aim was to create templates that utilised as much of the cardstock as possible (thereby having less offcuts, although these were often used as embelishments) and had little 'expensive or flashy' embelishments and were thereby quick and easy to create and could be completed within a workshop time frame. My workshop timeframe was approx. 3 hours in which participants stamped their A4 cardstock, cut the templates and card bases and mounted the resulting cards - making 8 cards in the process!

What I learnt from running this workshop was that when cutting the templates some did not cut the straight through lines and therefore often cut through pieces which were meant to make up, for example, Card No. 7. I have yet to learn how to put dashed lines with a scissor image on my templates in Photoshop to guide users in which order to cut the templates.

Below is two sets of 8 cards I created based on the A4 OSW Template and the templates (which I modified slightly after the workshop) that I used for the workshop and provided a copy to each participant. As this was a specially designed workshop (and not my standard format), using more materials etc I charged each participant $10 for which they received the handout and necessary materials to create the 8 cards (5 sheets A4 Whisper White cardstock, 1 x A5 contrasting colour 1, 1 x A5 contrasting colour 2, one smaller pieces of Whisper White cardstock for greetings/embelishments (half A5 piece), 50 cm coordinting ribbon and one piece of Silver Hodgepodge Hardware to use if they wanted to. If you would like a copy of the handout that I used at my workshop please email me at and I would be happy to share it with you for your personal use or to use at a workshop - but not for submission to magazines or competitions etc.

Have a go at using the templates yourself and let me know what you think of them. I would also enjoying seeing what you create using these templates and your creative interpretation of them, so feel free to add a link to your blog/website when posting your comments below.
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy creating OSWs as much as I do. These would also make a great format for Stamp-a-Stack workshops.
Happy stamping!


Diane O. said...

More inspiration for me/us! Thanks for more templates.

Happy crafting,

Mary Davidson said...

Hi Mae, I googled one sheet wonder and your blog came up. I love the cards you made with it! Thanks so much for sharing the template and for the inspiration!

PoesslsSchatz said...

Wow. I love this idea and I will try it! Thanks so much, Petra


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