Friday, June 19, 2009

Too busy to craft!

Hi to those regular visitors to my blog and to anyone new who has popped in. I am sorry but I have been too busy with my regular day to day job to craft or find any time to blog! I have been working long hours, on my days off and often at the weekend too! The end is in sight, things should get better in July. I have been so busy and stressed that I ended up with a migraine the other week and could not get out of bed to go to work and the worst of this was that I could not even do a Stamp Workshop with some of my regular customers, a group of lovely ladies who I seem to hold a workshop with every 3-4 months or so! I was so disappointed, hopefully we can get together in July - so sorry to Laura and her friends!

Please drop back again in a couple of weeks time to see what I can do when I find that 'free' time again to craft! Enjoy your day/week/weekend etc.

Happy stamping!

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Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about your migraine. A friend shared that she takes magnesium at the first sign of headaches and they sometimes don't go full blown. She said not to take more than 3 per day. I have tried the 250mg tablets and it seems to help most of the time. Hope this helps.


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