Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Daily posts!

Hi all

During my holidays as I get my crafting mojo back and my blog in order you may notice that I do daily posts (or more). So please scroll down the page and see what I have been up to and leave comments on what you think as I love to hear from those who stop by my blog - whether as a casual or regular visitor - it helps me to know what to share with you.

Some of the posts may be simply ways for me to improve the links that the Blog Fairy put at the top of my blog - for example, the link to my galleries only went to the main one but I wanted it to link to where you can branch off to the various galleries I have depending on what you wanted to view. I realised this is probably best done through linking to a 'post' that I update when I create more albums - such as my liking for One Sheet Wonders.

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