Friday, July 10, 2009

Two weeks leave, yah!

Well I am now about to start two weeks leave so I will be definately finding some time to craft, although I need to get over my cold first. I think this is the sort of thing that happens when you work too much and deal with too much stress, when it finally eases you relax and let yourself be vulnerable to illness. This has definately been the case at my work as we have, over the last two weeks, had almost all of us off due to ill health for a day or two and for some a bit longer!

Anway, thanks to those who have been stopping by my blog and I am sorry that you have not been able to see anything new for quite a few weeks, but this should change in the next week.

Just before everything went on hold in my 'craft/personal life' my close friend Jodyann and I were working on a new One Sheet Wonder template and we made one card out of at least a dozen! That is has far as we got but it was a nice one, and no I won't show it to you until we finish the others and I get the template together to share with you all. We both want to find the time to finish it as we inspired each other with ideas and how to make a few a little different.

I have also been inspired by a 'blog fairy', Emily (and no it is not my daughter who did inspire my blog originally though!) who is going to grant me a wish and give my little blog here a 'makeover'. So if nothing else does a blog lift should inspire me to create something new to share with you all. Not only will my two weeks leave help rejuvenate me, but maybe my blog makeover will be completed in that time and both myself and my blog will be re-energised and given a new breath of fresh air!

Happy stamping!

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