Sunday, August 9, 2009

My weekly post...

Hi everyone

Thanks for stopping by my blog, but unfortunately although I have done a little paper crafting lately I don't have anything to share with you this week, I need to finish the complete task first before sharing the results.

As posted last week, my friend Jodyann and I created 16 cards from my latest OSW template and from this same template we had the idea to create a collection of cards with a masculine theme (and Jodyann has taken up that challenge!), one set using designer series paper (which I am currently working on and they are coming out in a very elegant style) and then we also want to do a set with a Christmas theme! As soon as each set is complete I will take photos of them and share them here on my blog, I will also add them to the latest album in my galleries.

The other reason I have not finished this task is that much of my weekend has been spent with my teenage daughter getting together some last minute items for her before she goes on a school trip to New Zealand at the beginning of September and also taking her for driving practice in her new (secondhand) car. She is gradually growing in confidence and therefore needs the additional time on the road to both develop her skills and keep the momentum going. It has also been a new experience for me as a supervisory driver and another area of her growing up that I have been able to share with her. How have any you found this experience with your teenagers, if you have been throught this yourselves?

Thanks again for stopping by to visit and hopefully I will have something to share with you next week. Enjoy your week, whatever may come your way and always find a little time for yourselves!

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Chook said...

Can't wait to see what you've made Mae. Hope your daughter enjoys her trip to NZ.


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