Sunday, August 2, 2009

OSW Template A4 - Design No. 4 (16 cards!)

For many of you who regularly visit my blog you will see that I enjoy creating One Sheet Wonders (OSW) and for which I continually try to create new templates to inspire new creations and designs - well here is another and it created 16 cards!

I have a very good friend Jodyann who I usually get together with on a weekly basis, when we are both free from our 'regular 9 to 5 jobs' (although not those hours for hers), in which we try to create something from our shared papercraft hobbies. A while ago I decided that I wanted to try to put together in my next OSW template my favourite designs as well as a few new ones. Jodyann agreed to help me come up with the design and to help create the cards. This bouncing off of ideas led to the creation of a template that could be manipulated to create other templates from this one. What we designed was an A4 template that could be successfully divided in half (A5 size - A & B cards and C & D cards) and each half could be duplicated on the other if only those card designs were desired - each half had two separate layouts. Or alternatively each of the quarters (or half of each A5 part - A, B, C and D cards) could be replicated on the other quarters. Each of the opposite quarters had pieces of the same size yet created different card designs. This may all sound confusing but when you see the template design, hopefully you can see what I mean. The green highlighted side is A5 size (half A4) and the pink highlighted side is showing each half of an A5 side. Pieces for each card in each quarter is the same size for another card in its corresponding quarter. For example, card pieces for A2 are equal to the size of card piece B10, and card pieces for C13 (in total) equal the size of card pieces for D16 (in total).

We designed our rough draft on Stampin' Up!® Grid Paper as this gave us our measurements and we see at a glance where we were at or which cuts to do in which order (to prevent cutting through other pieces we needed). Here is our rough design:

This template was created over a month ago and from which we created one card, then my world seem to go topsy turvy with additional pressures at work, sickness in the family and other time constraints thus leading to the project being put on hold. Well we finally managed to complete the cards on Friday and I got the opportunity to photograph them today to share with you here on my blog. I have intentions to put this all in a template design using Photoshop as I have done with my other templates, including card layouts and then putting it all together in a useful handout for workshops or simply for those who wish to follow my template and may need additional instructions. We definately modified a few things along the way (as often happens when you create something it doesn't always turn out to what you had initially imagined). We also found that in our (or should I say my) haste we found that we had cut things slightly wrong or the wrong angle for our card design or that what we had in mind did not work as we had intended.

Below I have shown a few of my favourites from the 16 cards we created and to see the whole collection click here to view the separate gallery that I have created - OSW Design No. 4 (16 cards).

Stamps: Simply Said (and various greeting stamps)
Cardstock: Very Vanilla, Creamy Caramel, Chocolate Chip and Pink Pirouette (new In Color09)
Inks: Creamy Caramel, Chocolate Chip and Pink Pirouette
Accessories: ribbon, buttons, split pins, various punches

Jodyann and I also intend to replicate this same template pattern using Designer Series Paper, a male colour combination and a Christmas theme - just to show how versatile these templates can be!

Let me know what you think of the latest template by leaving your comments below and when I have my template finalised in Photoshop with both metric and imperial measurements along with a corresponding handout I will load these to my blog or at least let you know they are available from me.


Anonymous said...

Oh Mae, I just love the quilt and had never thought of using that in a one sheet wonder. I also love the diagonal striped one..... very simple but very nice. I am waiting to see what the other cards you came up with look like as you always seem to come up with fantastic ideas.
Thanks so much for sharing.

Jane said...

I have only just discovered your OWS and have loved them. But these cards are absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing, I can't wait to see what else you come up with.

Vikki Jo said...

Oh My! Mae these are beautiful! I'm a OSW junkie myself so I am thankful you have shared!

Mae Collins said...

Hi Carolyn
I have loaded the other cards in a separate album for this one sheet wonder. Click on the 'Galleries' link just belong my blog header and then select the A4 One Sheet Wonder No. 4 link to see all the cards that we made.

Anonymous said...

Hallo Mae,
I´m from Germany and I love your osw in cm, because it`s really difficult to change from inch to cm.
But somehow I´m a little bit confused. Iwant to understand the organization of this sheet, but I haven´t solved the riddle.

Mae Collins said...

Hi Conny

This OSW template is based on a sheet of A4 cardstock (21cm x 29.7cm). This sheet can be cut in quarters equally within which the pieces fit (or are cut from). Each quarter of each half is almost a replica of the other (atleast in dimensions) so if you like cards made from particular quarter you can replicate this 4 times. Or if you like the cards made from a particular half of the template you can replicate this on the other half. Does this make sense now? When I get the time I will put it together in a clearer image with measurements in both metric and imperial and also put together a step-by-step hand-out. Not sure how long this will take me as I get side tracked doing other things lots of the time, lol. Thanks for commenting on my blog and keep dropping by to see if I have finished this yet!

Cheryl said...

oh, mae your work is so beautiful...but i am so bad a measureing in you have any templates in inches??

Mae Collins said...

Hi Cheryl
Thanks for your comment. Click on my 'Templates' link above and check them out, some of them have both cms and inches, and all the ones I tried to publish do have both and this one is in the pipeline!

Alex said...

Wow: This looks great, I like what you've done with the few samples you've shared with the Simply Said stamp set. Great quilt/patchwork card, perfect for a quilter :)

Thanks for sharing.

Alex from England x

Mae Collins said...

Hi Alex
Thanks for your comment. If you want to see all the Simply Said cards made with this template go to my Galleries link at the top of my blog and select the A4 One Sheet Wonder No. 4 link and you will see them plus other sets I made using this template.

jogry said...

Thanks Mae.
This is just so marvellous, the only thing is I wish I had measuring paper, but I will try this.

anne said...

Fantastic A4 cards. I really like them. Hope to finish mine soon.


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