Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Cards I made recently

As promised here are the cards that I made recently but did not get the chance to upload them to my blog before going away at the weekend.

This first one was a card that I put together using bits and pieces I had sitting around. Often I have off-cuts or stamp an image or greeting etc and then put it aside as I decide that it does not fit with what I am currently putting together. So I therefore end up with lots of bits and pieces that I think I will use 'some day' - well some day was then and so this is what was made.

As it was Father's Day last Sunday of course I had to make a card for my dad and this is what I put together, it went a long with a couple of books for him to read as he is an avid reader.

The third card that I had made was for my beautiful niece Leah's birthday and I just loved the new Forest Friends stamp set in our new Mini Catalogue so that was the basis of my card. I can see this set used for a lovely gift set of notelet cards and so sometime soon I will make these and share these with you as well.

Anyway I must get off the computer now after checking emails, chatting with my sister-in-law on Facebook, and now updating my blog and do some chores - would much prefer to craft but this can be my reward if I get some of the 'have to do's' done! Have a great day and feel free to share how you spent Father's Day - it might cheer me up from sitting here and watching the wet and cold weather outside my window!


Robyn said...

Hi Mae! Especially love the Father's Day one- I like how you stamped "father" on the twill. Our kids came over for lunch. They gave hubby a "webcam" so that when he calls the relly's on skype they can actually see him now! It was a real hit-it's hard to get him presents but he really liked this one!!Hope you got those chores done!

Leigh said...

I like the stamped twill Mae. Great cards.

Mae Collins said...

Hi Robyn
Sounds like your hubby is really up there with technology, mine uses it under sufferance at times or gets me or the kids to help, especially with his typing! I got the urgent chores done and then I did some crafting!


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