Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Happy to have my daughter home from New Zealand

My post today is not about anything craft wise but just to note that I am happy to have my beautiful daughter back home from her school trip to New Zealand, she was gone for 14 days! Although she missed us all and was glad to be home she had a great time and took some great photos, which she has asked me to scrapbook into an album for her - I will share some of those pages here when I can. After looking at her photos I too would love to visit New Zealand as it looks such a spectacular place to visit and she enjoyed some fun things in Queenstown (nothing like the Queenstown in Tassie!).

Here are just a couple of my favourite photos of what she took and one of her:

Hello to my visitors regular or casual from New Zealand, you have a beautiful home country and it so reminded me of our home state here in Tassie, at least some of the countryside scenery shots she took. I will enjoy sharing her holiday again by putting an album together with and for her.

1 comment:

Tia said...

ohhhhhhh getting abit homesick looking at these pics Mae!!!!


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