Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Circle Journals

I am participating in a Circle Journal with a group of ladies, mainly from New Zealand, with one absconder Tia who now lives in Queensland, Australia. A Circle Journal is like a Round Robin. You get a certain amount of friends to join your circle, each with their own themed journal. The journals are passed round in a circle with each member contributing to the books and passing them on. Eventually, your book will be passed around to all the people in your Circle and back to you. The theme of mine is 'Circle of Friends' and I can't wait to get it back and see all the different contributions to my theme.

Recently, I recevied two of them in the post and made my contributions - one theme was 'Favourites' and one was 'Baby Advice and Tips'. Here is what I contributed and this was part of my craft 'fix' for the last week!

I am sure everyone at Crafty Fingers who is participating in our Circle Journal is eagerly awaiting their Journals to return "home" so we can see what others have put in them.

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