Monday, November 16, 2009

Commissioned box of cards...

It is such a nice compliment to your craftwork when someone asks that you make for them a box of cards (to purchase) from seeing a birthday gift you gave someone else. That is what has happened to me recently, I gave a box of cards as a gift to my mother and as a result of seeing this one of her friends asked if I would make her two boxes of cards for her to give as gifts at Christmas. She did not want a box of Christmas cards but a mixture of cards for all occasions. To help make this a nice coordinated gift box, yet with different greetings, I utilised yet again the technique of a 'One Sheet Wonder', this also helps me with making bulk cards in a short timeframe. I utilised the recent A4 OSW template that I posted earlier on my blog (sorry for those waiting for me to "polish" this template up with a better image and both metric/imperial measurements, I have yet to complete this) but with a few minor adjustments that the design of that template allows.

I used the sections for 'B', 'C' and 'D' cards and the alternate 'A' section as a feature piece for my box top (see box image below). With section 'B' I made cards B6, B7, B8 and B10 but I swapped B9 for the full piece used in section 'A' as card A5 (B9 and A5 are the exact same measurements). I made cards C11 (although due to the stripes on my designer series paper you can not see the splits!), C12 and swapped card C13 for the design of card D16. From section 'D' I made cards D15 and D16 but swapped card D14 design for another using card C12 design (D14 measures exactly as the two pieces for C12 together). Therefore, in total adjusting this template instead of making 16 cards I made 11 cards and a matching element on my box. Although I only boxed up eight of these cards for one of the boxed sets (as the box I made was not deep enough to hold more than eight with their envelopes and the embelishments I used).

As you can see the symmetrical design/measurements I used for this template makes it a very versatile one where you can take your favourite card layouts and mix and match them to create your own template. To see all the 11 cards that I made based on this particular A4 OSW template click here or view it through my 'Galleries' link above and select the 'A4 One Sheet Wonder No.4' gallery link, the cards are labelled 'DSP2 - relevant card no.'.

For anyone who has used this template of mine to make some cards let me know how you found the template by commenting below and if you have pictures of them accessible on a blog or website I would love to see them. I promise to eventually get this template and measurements "polished" and republished here to my blog, but not sure of a timeframe.


Anonymous said...

This looks great Mae. I'm going to make a box for a christmas present.
Thanks once again for the inspiration.

Mae Collins said...

If your box is to fit the A5 standard sized cards with envelopes make sure you base measurement (without including the depth of the sides) is 12cm x 17cm.

Hope this helps.


Vikki Jo said...

I love the cards.. now to find your template! So glad you shared this!!


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