Monday, December 28, 2009

Animal Bookmarks

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas and a lovely time sharing with family and friends. In between spending time with family I have been making things in preparation for a market stall that my friend Jodyann and I are going to have at the Dodges Artisans & Farmers Market on Sunday 3 January.

Some of the items I have been making include 'Animal Bookmarks' using Stampin' Up! punches as I like to have items on my stall not only for adults but for children too and I think they will like these. Here are some pictures of a few that I have made:

I also want to thank my mum who was down visiting us over Christmas and punched out lots of the pieces I needed (using up much of my bits and pieces of cardstock - great use of these!) in preparation for making more bookmarks should they prove popular! Thanks mum!

I also got started on another item that I had in the pipeline but not completed and that was a 'Punch Art' booklet showing the pieces needed to create various characters and the final product. It always feels satisfying when you keep on track and finish a partly completed project!

Maybe that can be my New Year's resolution - finish what I have started (and clean my craft desk between projects!) before starting on something else! LOL


Bronwyn Eastley said...

These are pretty cute. I haven't seen a turtle one before. Very clever. Hope you do well at the market!

Robyn said...

So Cute! I love the sheep one! What punch did you use for the wool on top of his head?

Anonymous said...

mae-how did you make the lion head I love these thanks

Mae Collins said...

Hi Anonymous
I could not reply to you directly so I hope you pop back here to this post to see my reply! I created the lion's head (and I am assuming you mean the mane!) by using the Scallop Circle Punch and punching out in Chocoloate Chip. I then temporarily stuck this to a piece of my grid paper (or any piece of thin paper will do) and re-punched the scallop twisting it around slightly so the scallops were off-centre and then punching to create the spiky mane! Does this answer your question?
Happy stamping!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mae,
Lovely job! Where did you purchase the Jumbo Paperclips from, I've searched high and low..

Mae Collins said...

Hi Liz

I bought these paperclips from the Sorell Newsagency in Tasmania. They are a Sovereign brand of Jumbo Glide-On Clips 7mm x 25pcs. On the back of the package it says "Distributed by Group Newsagency Supplies".

I hope this helps you find some. I bought the last packet the other day so I might have to see if they can get me in some more!

Happy stamping!


Tania Gould said...

Mae - these are so awesome!
Disregard my email if you see this in time!!!


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