Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Beaded Bracelets

I had recently made some paper beads on an earlier project of mine as toggles to close a concertina card tote and then I saw some of them used to make a bracelet on Jayne Mercer's blog and so thought that I would give this a try! Jayne shows step-by-step how you can make these and has made some into wine glass charms (such a novel idea!).

I experimented with how I glossed mine as I had previously rolled my toggles over a versamark ink pad and then clear embossed them, however, I have found that using a small paintbrush and a small coating of Crystal Effects works better. Especially once I got the knack of how to coat them and not my fingers lol! Oh well, not too much anyway as you do need to turn them occasionally on the skewer to stop them sticking to the skewer. I also coated some with Dazzling Diamonds mixed in with the Crystal Effects to give a dazzling effect!

I made a couple smaller in size for a child by using less beads.

I hope you like them as much as I do and thanks for stopping by! I am off to make some more and in different colours!

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Ann Wills said...

These are lovely Mae


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