Sunday, January 3, 2010

Dodges Artisan and Farmers Market

Well my friend Jody-ann and I had our first stall at the Dodges Artisan and Farmers Market today and although it got off to a slow start (for all stallholders) taking about and hour and a half after opening time of 9 am for many to have a first purchase of the day, we thought it went ok! As it was the first market after the Christmas season and many people would still be away or just coming home from holidays ready to go back to work tomorrow the flow through traffic was not too bad and picked up closer to lunchtime. The market ended at 2 pm and our stall only took us approx. 10 minutes to pack up (our items being lightweight and compact). Although we can't retire on what we made and it may have covered our costs of materials in the items we sold and the stall fee, it did not cover our personal time and effort in making all the items for our stall. But, hey what price can you put on what you do for the love of crafting?

I was pleased that my desire to make something for the children who attend markets with their parents - the animal punch bookmarks - was successful, I sold all that I had made! Thanks again to my mum who was happy to continue punching the pieces our of my scraps of cardstock, while I put the bookmarks together, when she visited for the Christmas holidays! Thanks mum! I still have pieces left to put together for the next market next month.

Yes, we will be back again with some new item lines and some of the favoured items we had today. Both Jody-ann and I enjoyed ourselves and caught up with lots of local people we knew.

I was also pleased to be able to give away for FREE copies I still had of the last two Stampin' Up! Idea Book & Catalogues as I find these hard to toss out and do not always have places I can distribute these. Maybe some leads for workshops, sales etc will come from these, who knows!

Anyway, that's all I have to share with you as I was so busy getting the items ready to sell that I forgot to photograph them to share here!

May 2010 be a fun and exciting year for you and that you find time to craft and relax. Thanks for visiting my blog and I am amazed at the number of people from all over the globe who have direct links here and drop by for a peak at what I have been doing. I also love to receive comments on what inspires you here on my blog or what you have been up to as I often visit blogs of those leaving comments to find further inspiration for myself! Thanks for sharing!

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Bronwyn Eastley said...

I can relate to all this!! Do we really do it for the money anyway?? So true! It's great to meet people who love to do craft too or it's fun to inspire someone to give card making, papercraft etc. a go for the very first time. I just love the buzz it brings to actually sit down and create something!! I'm glad we got a sneak at the bookmarks anyway!
Happy crafting into the New Year. Us Tassie bloggers should get together sometime. What do you think?


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