Saturday, February 13, 2010


I want to craft but I keep procrastinating and doing other things than cleaning up my craft desk so that I can craft - I blog surf, do the dishes (yeah really!), read another chapter of my book, go for a walk - and I still keep avoiding what I need to do! I have some ideas running through my head that I would like to try but that still doesn't seem to be motivating me to tidy up so that I can get them out of my head and into something to share with you! Why is it is so hard to motivate ourselves to do something we know needs to be done so that we can do something we really enjoy - I don't understand myself sometimes!

Does anyone else suffer the same fate that I am suffering at the moment? If so, share with me what motivates you to do what needs to be done. Or do you have some advice on how to maintain a clearer craft space so that it doesn't look like a bomb has gone off on your craft desk and put bits of scrap paper all over, adhesives, tools etc all over the place? I even have some newly purchased items sitting in bags on my desk and not put away - I know I should do this as soon as I bring them into my craft room, but no I just dumped them on to my desk and left them there!

Share your tips with me on how you stay organised and focussed in your crafting area! I look around and can see some good organisational elements eg my towel rail that holds my punches which I can see at a glance, my sponge daubers that are labelled and stored by colour families in a divided storage container within easy reach, labelled drawers that hold my A4 cardstock by Stampin' Up! colour families, Whisper White, Glossy White, Very Vanilla and Neutral colours, my Color Caddy filled with ink pads by colour families and within easy reach, other drawers for watercolour paper/pencils, adhesives, cutting tools, embelishments etc. See I have some things organised. I look around and it just seems to be a bigger task - I know I should break it down in to stages or elements and try to organise those eg ribbons, cardstock scraps, DSP etc - but as I remember with my own children looking to clean their room, I am only seeing the big mess and not the way to break it down into achieveable chunks. See I can even do the self-talk in my head and here sharing with you but putting it into practice now that is another thing at the moment. I even tried to encourage my daughter to come and sort me (and my craft space) out as I seem to be better at organising others than myself.

So I put the challenge out there to those who stop by my blog - share with me your best organisational tips and when I put them into practice and get my crafting space organised I will share the photos here of my functional and tidy craft space!


Chook said...

Oh Mae, I hear you. I too get suckered into blog surfing when I should be creating or doing other tasks. I unfortunately don't have a craft room so I have to use our breaky bar or table so I have to clean up as soon as I've finished. I don't have many tips as my cupboard looks discusting. I do keep my card and DSP scraps in a divided folder (I'm not sure what they call them) which is handy and my girlfriend made me an altered tin out of an old formula can that holds small pieces of ribbon in (hard to explain but it's on my blog somewhere). All the best with cleaning and sorting.

Bronwyn Eastley said...

I have some photos of my craft area, Mae. These might get posted at JAI as they will post a section soon, entitled, 'Your Space'. I will email them to you.
Believe me, I often have the same problem!!! I tend to spend too much time looking for ideas, instead of making what's in my head!
The best tip I can share is, just start tidying even though you don't feel like it - make yourself! Once you start, you just want to keep going!
Happy tidy up day for you today, not Valentine's!!!

Anonymous said...

I recently did a stocktake of all my stamp sets. I then photocopied them from the catalouge or stamped them on an A4 white piece of card then put them all in a plastic A4 display folder. This way when I'm scraping or card making all I have to do is flick through my folder to pick the best stamp. This saves me heaps of time not having to pull out all my sets and go through them.

Mae Collins said...

Great idea Jade. I too have my own stamp index in a small folder although it is not up-to-date. As I finish cleaning my space I will endeavour to up-date it as I sort through my stamp sets too!


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