Thursday, April 15, 2010

Commissioned Address Book

Regular visitors to my blog would know that I have paired up with my friend Jody-ann (~waving~ hi Jody-ann!) to run some market stalls this last summer and we have called our enterprise 'J&Mpot' (arts and crafts and other things), allowing us to put into the 'pot'/stall different arts and crafts and to utilise our various talents. It has been a lot of fun and slowly we are becoming known to some of the market customers.

One of the things we advertise is that we will customise many of our handmade items to suit personal tastes and individual requirements and as a result we had a customer ask us to make an address book for a relative's (I think it was her mum's) 60th birthday. They gave us the following brief, "to have 3 pages per letter, ability to include a photo on the front and also on the front 'Happy 60th Birthday'".

Well here is what we designed (the only element we weren't 100% happy with was the way we created the letter tabs):

I hope both the requestor and the birthday recipient were both pleased with the results as we enjoyed making it, it was a collaborative effort. We now have the template for the inserts to be printed again should we receive another similar request or decide we would like to create some to sell at the markets. We just need to design an easier and more efficient way of creating the letter tabs!

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