Saturday, June 19, 2010

Been AWOL...

I have not created anything lately as I have been AWOL. I needed a break away and so I left home for a few days and travelled back to my roots - Circular Head (North West of Tasmania for my blog visitors from overseas, including mainland Australia!). The break was good for me and it was lovely to spend time with some of my nieces and nephews, they were a good distraction.

I stayed a couple of nights with one of my brothers, whose lovely wife Jacky, is a keen quilter! So together we played with the Big Shot and the Top Note Die to see if we could create a quilted bag - the kids all had a turn at turning the handle to cut out the pieces of material - see it's child's play and so easy to use!

First, I cut through one piece of material to show how easy, quick and sharp it was to cut through. Then as quickly as Jacky cut out a layered piece - material, wadding, material - we (the kids and I) cut out the pieces to make the bag. We did try to cut through two layered sets (2 x material, wadding, material) and although it cut through this a few strands were left connected which required snipping with scissors. Therefore, we felt it best to just use one layered set. This still made the cutting process so quick and easy and with them all neatly aligned together.

As a quilter Jacky could see the benefit of this machine to cut intricate designs such as the leaves, birds etc to stitch on to material.

The bag was very quick to sew together, atleast with Jacky's skills not mine! I was pleased with the result and will now use it to transport my dies, cutting pads and multipurpose platform to workshops - until of course I have too many to fit! It wasn't intentional but I also like the black and white pattern which matches my Big Shot!

Here are some photos of the results...

Thank you Jacky for doing this with me! It will be exciting when we can get some more dies, such as the Scallop Square, to do similar things with. It was also good to be able to show that the Big Shot can cut through material as well as cardstock, along with a multitude of other materials such as acetate, chipboard etc.

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Bronwyn Eastley said...

Very cool!!! Bet it won't hold ALL your Big Shot stuff for very long!!!

Tania M. Gould said...

WOW WOW and WOW!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is gorgeous. Yes it will be great when we get the scallop square wont it, i will be quilting shaggy baby rugs faster than you can say it! LOL


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