Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sneak Peak!

I thought I might share a sneak peak at elements of the 'make & take' items that my guests will be making this coming Friday at my new catalogue launch! I won't share exactly what they are but just a bit of each of them - there are four (or five if you count the two gift cards separately - oops, I have given away a little more!). I have full instructions sheets on how to make each item so if they get too excited looking through their new catalogue then they can take their kits away with them and make them at home later!

As you can see I have my samples made for Friday and I have also finished my swaps for Regionals in Launceston next Saturday (I will share those with you later in the week!) and now I am on to a few other items that are on my 'to do list' to make!

For those interested in the progress of our dog Chloe, she is getting better every day and getting back to being her normal self, so much so that she tried swimming out to a Pacific Gull while we were walking her on the beach before! She thinks she can reach them but they just swim a little further out as she gets closer, although she did find it a bit more awkward today with her plastic head shield - she looks like a hoover vacuum cleaner as a friend said, especially when she tries to pick up her toys off the floor!

I hope you are enjoying your weekend and thanks for stopping by. Hopefully, I will have created something soon that I can show you in it's entirety and not just a teaser!

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