Monday, October 4, 2010

Cherry On Top Award

I have been a slack blogger of late, so I am not sure I really deserve this award but thanks to Tania Gould who awarded me the Cherry On Top Award as she believes I am a beautiful blogger!

It is so nice to know that many out there find inspiration from or enjoy visiting my blog whether it be as a regular follower (you can join by clicking the link on the right-hand sidebar), an occasional stalker or just a one time visitor! It is also nice to receive comments from visitors on what you find here and what you would like to see more of.

Anyway back to how this award goes, I need to share 3 things about myself (and I will try to include things you may not already know) and then I need to pass the award on to 5 other beautiful bloggers out in the blog world.

About me:
  1. I am afraid of dogs yet I allowed my daughter to get one a few years back (Chloe, who is doing well after her eye operation recently) and who is now very much a part of our family - although she hasn't cured me of my fear!
  2. I was a Volunteer Ambulance Officer for about 7 years in our local community, but not any more, and I still can't watch an injection happening to me or any other person!
  3. I am better at planning or organising things than actually doing them!
Five other beautiful bloggers:
  1. Leonie Schroder
  2. Kirsty Brown
  3. Amy Buchanan
  4. Ann Wills
  5. Sarah Klass
There are so many beautiful bloggers out there but I have only selected 5 as per the award guidelines.

I am currently experiencing the third point that I shared with you about myself, I have lots of ideas and things happening in my head, but I just don't seem to be finding those coming to fruition at my craft desk! I am not producing any of the things I want to or should be doing!

Hopefully by attending a scrapbooking crop night with new found friends this Thursday I can find that inspiration coming back - let's wait and see!

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