Product Shares & Clubs

Do you like a little bit of different things without buying everything or is your wishlist bigger than the budget can stretch? Then...

Shares are for you! Shares work by me dividing up full packets of items into smaller lots, so you can get more colours or designs for the same/similar price as one item.

Or a club might be they way to go, where you commit to a set amount each month for a set amount of months and you get the benefits of being the hostess in one of those months.

Here are my 2013/2014 Catalog Product Share Offerings... - See more at:

Here are my current Catalogue Product Share offers:  --- No Shares Currently!!

To reserve a spot in my Product Shares, please email me:

For multiple shares - contact me for a postage & handling quote (a Prepaid Mailing Envelope can hold quite a bit).

Please include the following information in your email:
1.  Full Name
2.  Mailing Address (Australian addresses only)
3.  Which share(s) you would like to reserve (see choices below) 
4.  Preferred method of payment - Direct Deposit or Paypal.

When your shares fill, I will email either my bank accounts to your or a Paypal (*) invoice to complete the payment process.  I will then place my order with Stampin' Up!  Upon it's arrival, I will sort, cut, wrap/assemble, package and mail. This process can take upwards to 10 business days or more.

(*) Although I promote Paypal for my product shares, a Paypal account is not required to make your payment.  Just an email address and credit/debit card is all you need.  When you receive my Paypal invoice, you can choose to pay using your Paypal account funds or by credit/debit card.  Just follow their SUPER EASY instructions to make your payment via the method that is most convenient for you.

Product Shares

To participate in a share you can email me: or call me on 0409 776 821 and ask me to put your name down on the share you want. When the group is full I will contact you for payment and then place the order. Delivery takes about 2-3 weeks to allow for ordering / cutting / posting.

Further product shares and offers will be added as they are put together.


Stamp Clubs

Stamp Clubs are a lot of fun!

Get 5 or more friends together and meet each month for wonderful exclusive Stamp Club projects! My place is available for stamp clubs if you prefer to meet here rather than at your place.

Minimum spend each month for the club must be $250 (of Stampin' Up! products of course!) - so if you have 5 in your club you each spend $50. The number of club members is the number of months you must commit to, so that each person gets a turn at being the hostess for a month and receiving bonus Stampin' Up! products.

Contact me today to arrange your club or to get more details!

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