Saturday, June 7, 2008

Another swap process...

Well this is not the post (nor was the one before) that I had intended to do after posting the card I made for my niece's 18th birthday. I was going to post the process I went through to make the wedding theme swap card which is currently displayed on my group Tassie Inkydinks' blog. Oh well, maybe that can come next.

I chose to participate in my first Stampin' Up!® demonstrator swap that was listed on our demonstrator website with other demonstrators across Australia (see my earlier post) and this first card was quite labour intensive (for the number I had to make - seven), but I enjoyed doing it anyway! Unfortunately, some participants did not get their swaps to the demonstrator who was organising the swap and so she asked if a couple of others wanted to make additional swaps (as she had enough to make two groups of eight) - and of course I volunteered.

Here is the process I went through to make the second swap card (of which I had to again make seven) and which I did not want to make as labour intensive as my first one. My aim was to make seven quick but effective cards that I could get in the post soon so everyone who was waiting to receive swaps would get them shortly. I had on my desk a card that I had made at our Tasmanian Stampin' Up!® demonstrator get together in Launceston a few months back and which a demonstrator by the name of Martyn (yes a male demonstrator!) showed us how to create. It was a quick but effective card, of a unique shape and also made efficient use of an A4 piece of cardstock - two card bases could be made from one sheet with no wastage! An additional piece of A4 white cardstock could then be decorated to make covers for three of the card bases - again with no wastage! Here is the process I went through...

I marked 20 cm on the long-side of an A4 piece of cardstock, I chose to use a piece from the new In Color™ range - Purely Pomegranate (the lighting in my craft room did not reflect the true colour or maybe it is just my lack of photographic skills!). I turned the piece of cardstock around and marked 20 cm on the long-side going the opposite direction to the first mark, thus allowing me to cut the cardstock in half on the diagonal (see two photos below).

Next I scored 7 cm in from each edge of the card, creating opposite fold valleys and hills (A4 cardstock is 21 cm wide).
One piece of A4 cardstock will create two card bases (see below).
Next I decorated an A4 piece of Whisper White cardstock with a jumbo Stampin' Around™ Wheel - Scatter Sunshine (or you could use a piece of Designer Paper). As Purely Pomegranate does not come in a jumbo ink cartridge I used an uninked cartridge and inked it up using a Purely Pomegranate ink refill. I could have simply rolled the wheel over a Purely Pomegranate ink pad, however, I find that when I want an even long pattern it is best to use an inked cartridge which gives a continuous flow of ink to cover the wheel pattern for the length of the paper.

I also find that when I am doing a long pattern and want an even coverage I use the Stampin' Around™ Wheel Guide to keep my wheel straight and I find that if I use my grid paper I can move my guide across approx. 5 cm each time (for the jumbo wheels) to get an even coverage. The Scatter Sunshine pattern is also very forgiving if I am not exactly accurate as the pattern is scattered.
Next I cut the decorated A4 Whisper White sheet into three 7 cm wide strips (the width of my card folds). I measured and cut each strip 20 cm and 16.5 cm from the bottom edge, to guide me in cutting a diagonal - to match the front and back panels of my card base. Alternatively, adhere one strip to either the front or back panel and using the card base as a guide trim the excess off which will then match and be adhered to the opposite panel.
I adhered my decorated pieces to the front and back panels of my card bases using Snail Adhesive™ and decorated the front panel with a stamped greeting. I also sponged around the edges of the Whisper White greeting with Purely Pomegranate ink.
My completed tri-fold card.
And my completed tri-fold card swap! I only had to make seven but as each A4 cardstock makes two card bases with no wastage I made eight - one that I can keep and display at my upcoming workshops.
Feel free to have a go yourself and make this card, it is quite easy and very attractive. If you would like me to come and demonstrate this card to you and your friends (if you live in Tasmania of course!) and to show some of the other great products Stampin' Up!® has to offer, as well as the opportunity to earn FREE stamp sets and product then email me at If you would like to place an order or simply want more information about joining the Stampin' Up!® business just drop me an email.

Happy stamping!


Chook said...

Hi Mae, thankyou for your great instructions on how to make these cards. I made 2 this afternoon and plan to make some more again. I hope you don't mind but I put a link on my blog to your instructions incase any of my friends would like to try and make them too. If this is a problem, let me know and I will delete the link. Thanks again.

Mae Collins said...

I like your addition of the brads and split pins, adds another dimension to the simple card design. Happy for the link to be on your blog.

Chook said...

Thanks Mae. I can't believe how simple these cards are yet they look fantastic. Gina actually brought one of your tri fold cards along to her class the other night and as soon as I saw it I knew it was one of yours. One of my other friends has started to make xmas cards using this method too. You have us both hooked. Thanks again.

Chris said...

Kind of a late post here, but I wanted to say how cool these are! I have created my own very basic version (to be posted on my blog in the next week or so), and intend on making more in the future. Hope you don't mind me linking back to you so everyone knows where the inspiration and instructions came from!

Mae Collins said...

Hi Chris
Thanks for your comments and no I don't mind you linking back to here for others to know where the inspiration came from. You might also like to check out 'Chooks Scrap' blog at this link as I liked how she did hers after seeing them here! More inspiration for you and others.

Vikki Jo said...

Mae you are so awesome! Thank you for sharing these.. no I get it! :)


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