Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Who is in my bed?

Before I post about a recent card I made I thought you might like to see what happens in our household when I get out of bed and who 'pops' in with my DH.

This is my side of the bed and as you can see our dog Chloe thinks she is 'human' and can fill my place in our bed. She gets under the doona, puts her head on the pillow and goes back to sleep! DH was still fast asleep on the other side -- we all joke at home that she is his girlfriend because she loves to get into bed with him and snuggle up and when he comes home from work she is quick to rush out and greet him with hugs (paws wrapped around his legs) and sloppy kisses!

I actually had to use the flash to get these photos as it was still quite dark in our bedroom and as you can see this disturbed Chloe and she has that look of 'oh no I have been sprung, do I really have to get out!'

I think I am going to have to dedicate a small scrapbook album to this pooch as she has so many quirky little characteristics that it would be shame to forget, just like when our kids were growing up! I should also do one for our cat 'Sammy' who passed away this past year as our kids miss her and some of her little habits too!


Tania Gould said...

Awwww too cute! Too too too cute!

Anonymous said...

so funny Mae. Our westie used to do that too.


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