Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Commissioned Christmas Gift Packs

Not only have I recently been commissioned to make some Thank You cards but also some personalised Christmas cards for a teacher and a child carer (and I forgot to take photos, hoping the person who requested them will take some for me!) which I was pleased with the results but can't share them here because no pictures! I need to remember to take pictures of everything I make!!

Anyway, another request I had was for some Christmas Gift Packs that included coordinating cardstock (as the recipients already had stamp sets) with matching accessories. Here is what I came up with (but yet again I almost forgot to take photos and had to do these quickly using my phone and in the car just before I delivered them!). The giver of these gifts was very happy with what I put together and now I am thinking of doing something similar to sell at our market stalls - perhaps it can be a way to sell off some of my out-of-date cardstock which I forget to use.

When I put these packs together I selected a key colour, because I had that cardstock and matching ribbon mainly, and then using the fabulous new Color Coach I was able to quickly and easily select matching colours and then accessories, so these kits came together quite quickly. (Sorry for the poor quality photos.)

I always have the Color Coach sitting on my table because if I get stuck for inspiration or need help putting colours together then this is a fabulous tool to have on hand.

Color Coach #121620 - $28.95 (a great investment).


Tania Gould said...

These are really really good and what a fantastic idea! I can see them selling at a market! Thank God for camera phones hey!

Patrice said...

What a terrific idea Mae, your packs look great.


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