Thursday, December 23, 2010

Secret Santa

The Just Add Ink Design Team, of which I am part of, recently had a Secret Santa swap and it has been exciting to see what others were receiving and then receiving one myself today when I went to the Post Office to collect our mail. It has also been a bit difficult to keep things completely secret when we are so wide spread and you have to sign declaration statements when posting parcels these days, promising they are not dangerous or prohibited goods!

My Secret Santa gave me a beautiful little gift which was so well packaged that it arrived in one piece and will be treasured for a long time...especially as it was a little treasure chest full of little treasures just for me!!

Here is what I found when I opened my parcel...isn't it an absolutely cute little treasure chest?

And, inside I found these little treasures...

Some beautiful SU! ribbons and embelishments (of course she knows I love SU! products) and some other embelishments which will come in handy with making some male oriented gifts. More specifically how did she know I am going to be scrapbooking my wedding photos (although 25 years later!) and therefore included some little metal plaques with a wedding theme taht will go so beautifully with what I had in mind! There was of course some chocolates to sustain me while crafting! Although these won't last long, LOL!

I suspect I know who my SS is but it could be one of two from the location it was sent, unless there was some sneaky stuff happening with other JAI team members assisting in posting on parcels!

The little gift card that came with my treasure trove of gifts was so cute and definitely something I will be CASEING for sure, just love it! Thanks so very much to my Secret Santa!

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Brenda Dean said...

This card is absolutely beautiful! Love it!


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