Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Blog Makeover

Well I have managed to distract myself from more pressing things on my 'to do list' and do a makeover on my blog...what do you think?

Honest feedback now...both positive and negative. Does it take too long to load? I felt it did sometimes but wasn't sure if it was because of everything I was trying to do at once...I get frustrated waiting for some blogs to load and so don't hang around and go somewhere else...and I don't want you not to visit me here!

I managed to create some 'Pages' that Blogger now allows us to do and I have a couple of more ideas for those but they will have to be done another day!

I succeeded in losing my previous blog header in the changes...due to my inexperience with how these blogs are actually put together...need a few lessons I think!

Anyway thanks for stopping by and don't forget to comment and give your feedback.


Bronwyn Eastley said...

Double thumbs up from me!!

Sonia G said...

Looks Great!
It didn't take to long to load, so that's okay! The colours are stunning! And I love your new header and footers!

Richelle said...

The makeover looks great!! And it didn't take long to load for me :)

Patrice said...

Looking lovely Mae!

AmandaR said...

Double thumbs up from me too - so nice and bright! Love it. xx amanda


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