Sunday, January 29, 2012

Wishes and Dreams

The title of my post is for my friend's new venture, Wishes and Dreams, a children's clothing and accessories store that she has bought and is managing. Several weeks ago Letitia asked me if I would make her some baby and children's birthday cards for the shop, and as you probably already know, my life was a bit busy at that time with weddings etc. So it hasn't been until last week that I managed to create some cards for her and only now that I have had time to post them to my blog.

Although MY wishes and dreams is for my life and health to settle down a bit. It seems that we get over one hurdle that another pops up in our path. About 6-8 months ago (I think that was when it was) I suffered severe vertigo and had to be hospitalised for a few days...the room and world would just not stop spinning! Well, it seems to have returned with the last couple of days being a bit topsy turvey through my eyes and my spine feels a bit of a burning sensation. I may have done something on Australia Day when I went on a girls night out with my 2 BFFs and we had FOUR games of ten pin bowling!! Maybe it is just that I am getting older and my body too! As a result of this, I can only spent very short stints of time on the laptop as reading the screen makes my eyes and dizziness a bit worse.

So without further ado here is a group shot of the cards that I made, in varying colour combos, as many people don't know the sex of their baby until it arrives and so neutral colours, as well as pinks and blues, are desired.

Ready to deliver
Now some close-up shots...

Pink and Blue 1st Birthday Cards

Gift cards

Baby Congratulations - varying colour ways!

Birthday Cards (generic)
I had fun making these cards and now that I have seen what products and items she sells in the shop, when I delivered this first batch, I can make some more coordinated ones for her store.

That's a long enough stint on the laptop, time to walk around a little and stretch out the back and neck!

Thanks for stopping by.


Bronwyn Eastley said...

Wow! You have been a busy bee. The shop is lucky to have your gorgeous cards.

Nikki Spencer said... head would spin making that many too..:0) A great collection Mae and l do hope your feeling better soon. xxx

Diane Barnes said...

Hi Mae
I'm sure your cards will sell like hotcakes at your friend's shop. Love the clean lines, with the sweet images. So cute.


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