Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Craft Space - work in progress!

As promised I am showing you some of the progress shots of my new craft space that is being created for me. This will mean I get out of the walkway area that I currently craft in - you can check out an earlier post where you might see just one side of the area (walkway) that I have for my stamping and cardmaking...I don't think I got around to sharing the other side of the walkway which houses my stamps and other craft supplies in a couple of cupboards.

Anyway on to my new area that is taking shape from what used to be my son's bedroom when he was a little boy and then got turned into an office, and on the otherside of a dividing wall my daughter's bedroom, which she has now moved out of and into a new, bigger room we just finished renovating for her. This space, 25 years ago when we first moved into our home was a add-on verandah type area, which we originally had as our can hear the waves so well from this room and see them too...I will have to remember to take a photo of the view I will have from new craft room!

The photo below was quite hard to take due to the angle of the room (sort of 'L' shaped) even with all the office furniture removed.

Old office, son's 1st bedroom
This next shot shows the view through part of the wall my husband had already demolished into my daughter's 1st bedroom. As you can see I will have to have a colour change as one room is bright blue and the other purple! I haven't as yet decided on a colour...any suggestions?

Looking into daughter's old room.

The photo below shows the remaining dividing wall, on the other side of which is/was a built in wardrobe, which at the time of taking this photo hadn't been moved. This was was put in years ago by my brother Leslie (who is no longer alive) as a way to make two small children's bedrooms from one long room. It needed to be in this shape to allow for an extra door to be put in and as it was not a weight bearing wall or structural wall, it was easy to remove.

Dividing wall being demolished.

Below is a shot of the wardrobe moved to an outside wall of the old office (son's bedroom), which will be used to store some of my craft supplies...but they won't all fit into this one space alone!

Wardrobe relocated.

The photo below shows the wardrobe relocated and the remaining wall demolished. You can also see the issue we have now of filling in the space that used the be the wall and that not only do I have two colours but also two different types of floor coverings to deal with - floorboards and carpet! Since taking these photos we have now resolved the flooring issues as I have found a floorboard of similar pattern to the existing one (this was discontinued) and we will take up the carpet section and replace it with floorboards. My knees are already aching from the thought as my husband, Gary, and I had laid the office floorboards one Saturday and it took us all day and we both had aching joints afterward, although a very satisfying feeling of completion.

Two rooms become one!

The space is quite large, although hard to photograph well, and now we just need to fix some of the walls, flooring, ceiling, lighting, painting etc. before it is completed. Our home was originally a shack that had add-ons before we bought it and now anything we do to it not only takes longer than expected but has to be fixed as things are often not even or aligned or properly done!

I am going to need help organising this space as I am better at organising other people and their spaces than my own...I think it is because I can't step back from it all. Any suggestions, advice welcomed so feel free to leave your comments for me!


Sam said...

I don't have any suggestions Mae, but I did want to say that I can't wait to see the finished product! I love checking out people's crafting spaces. How wonderful that you can hear and see the sea from your room too.

Trish *Spring Blossom* said...

Oh Mae I'm super excited for you and can't wait to see the progress!!

AnnieNewZazz said...

Sounds like its time for a sisters weekend at your house some time soon

Mae Collins said...

A sisters weekend at my place sounds great Ann-Mary...our own crafting retreat!

Patrice said...

Oooooh I'm so excited for you Mae. I'm looking forward to the finished masterpiece but look forward to progress pics along the way.


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