Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Getting close now!

Being an old house, everything takes longer to do, and there is often more fixing than we initially thought there would be! So while hubby is making me a cup of tea I thought I would take a couple of minutes to share with you some more photos of my craft room in progress. We are up to the painting stage and have I told you how much I hate painting? However, if I ever want the room finished so I can move in then I need to do my share as Gary is starting to get sick of the work, although he is pleased with what is being created...it has taken up more time of his holidays than he expected.

To finish off it is just the painting...which isn't going so well on two walls as the boards that were used to fix these up don't seem to be holding the paint too well and will need to be sanded or roughed up a bit...when the other paint dries of course otherwise we end up with dust stuck to the wet walls!

Then we have to finish laying the floors boards, which will hopefully be done tomorrow, and then the trims put back on, and touched up with paint. The door put back on and anything else we need to put the finishing touches to!

So here are the few snapshots I just took today...
Gary doing the close in painting...I do the rolling!

Still more purple walls to paint.

The panels that the paint doesn't stick to well.

Another snapshot of hubby working!

My new light fittings!

Part of the beautiful view from my new room!

Taken from the other angle, showing the built-in wardrobe we had moved.
I so can't wait for it to be finished so I can move in...the extra space is going to be just wonderful...and I can leave some equipment set up permanently like my sewing machine and BigShot!

I think I will have to take hubby out for a lovely meal as a thank you for all his hard work and effort to create my beautiful new space!


Nikki Spencer said...

Oh Mae, you wont know yourself once you are all set up, it looks wonderful and OMG...that view is to die for, what a lovely space just for you, so peaceful!
I hope we get to see the finished project all set for crafting. Hugs hon, l'm so happy for you. xxx

Jodene said...

It's looking great Mae! I can't wait to see when it is all finished. And I just LOVE the colour you have chosen, it's gorgeous!


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