Tuesday, July 10, 2012

NO crafting for me...

No crafting for me at the moment and this is why, not so much that I am working full-time, but that I have a houseful of visitors AND I CAN'T GET TO MY CRAFT DESK! My craft room has been converted into a backpackers accommodation, so it seems...

I have two nephews visiting (one from Victoria and one from NW Tassie) plus, an Irish backpacker, who is working on one of my nephew's parents' farm on the NW Coast and they are doing some touring of Tassie for a few days.

Oh well, the trade-off for having my own personal crafting space was to also enable it to be converted to a visitor's space when required...this means any of my crafting friends who would like to come and stay and craft with me in this space are more than welcome!

I am so glad that I am ahead with my Design Team commitments for Just Add Ink, so don't forget to come back on Friday and see what this week's challenge is and what I created for it...see you then!

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