Friday, March 15, 2013

JAI #157 - Just Add...Green!

This week's challenge for Just Add Ink is to "Just Add...Green", in recognition of St Patrick's Day, although it doesn't have to be a St Pat's card or project, it just has to have the main feature of GREEN.

Here is my submission, courtesy of Tina Gillespie's craft supplies while visiting her in Adelaide on my holidays!

I am so glad I made a bookmark, because when I got back to our campsite that afternoon and decided Gary could have the bookmark for his books, he definitely needed it as his current reading material was opened faced down, any librarian would have cringed at what he was doing to the book spine!

Have fun with this week's challenge to Just Add GREEN!


Vikki Jo said...

Great book mark....just in time too huh! Not a librarian, but that is one of my peeves to do to a book.

KimB said...

Well that was good timing Mae, the thought of a book spine bending just makes me cringe with sympathetic pain. I love my books!! and I love the clean lines of your bookmark too :)Glad you raid Tina's supplies!xxx

Christine Blain said...

How fun to get to play with Tina's craft supplies on your travels, Mae. This is a very 'calming' bookmark - love the tones. Glad you could redeem hubby's treatment of his book!!

Narelle Farrugia said...

Perfect bookmark Mae - love that you've put it to use already! Hope you're having a wonderful and relaxing time on your trip! Enjoy!


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