Saturday, January 6, 2018

Brusho Crystal Colour - new product!

Today has been a hot and muggy one here in Dodges Ferry, Tasmania, so what better reason to stay and play in my craft room with a fan on!

Actually, I should be finishing sorting and tidying up my craft room as I pulled it apart while my husband was away over New Year, however, one clean desk meant I could create instead.

So firstly, I made a card for a Shoebox Swap that I will be doing at an upcoming team get together which I will share after the event, as I need to keep something for another blog post!

Then I decided I wanted to play with a new product we have in the Occasions Catalogue called Brusho Crystal Colour (on page 26) which you mix with water to create watercolour washes and designs.

A few tips for when using this product:
  • Don't open the lids as the crystals will puff everywhere! Then you'll find colour spots where you don't want them, especially if your table is as messy as mine!
  • Prick a hole or two in the top of the lid, to use it like a salt shaker, these can be then covered with some sticky tape or like I have done with a pin.
  • Be willing to experiment as each time it is different.

This was the first card I made where I embossed the butterfly first in white on our Shimmery White cardstock. Then I sprinkled, rather randomly, some of the Brusho Crystals on and then spritzed it with water.

As I enjoyed making this card and had such a positive response to it on my FB business page I decided to make another one with the emphasis on a different colour, the Gamboge one. I tried to control the colour flow and intensity, in the wing areas, by using an Aqua Painter rather than a spritzer, however, I still found as the crystals sprinkle all over the place it is hard to control. Next time I'll try blending the crystals and water in a paint palette and use my Aqua Painter to watercolour. I do like the spritzy background though!

This is how the second card turned out.

I have also taken up the challenge to send out more birthday cards in 2018, encouraged by Shannon West (who originally started with the idea and creating the hashtag #imbringingbirthdaysback, which SU! then made into a stamp #143573) and Donna Griffiths.

So my first birthday card (the top one) will go out to my friend Tracey for later in January and the bottom one will go to the first person to comment on this blog post who has a birthday this month!

I hope you have managed to stay cool if it is hot where you are today or if you are on the other side of the world where it is cold, stay indoors where it is warm and stamp!

Thanks for stopping by!

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