Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Watch This Space!

I have been very hit and miss with my blog posts lately, and I am also experiencing difficulties in maintaining the consistency and regularity of my social media posts, as well as my face-to-face
Stampin' Up! activities. This has been because of the life journey that I am experiencing at the moment. I recently shared this via my weekly newsletter and thought I would share it here on my blog as well so that you understand my circumstances and will still pop back in regularly to see if I have been stamping and creating new projects.

You may already know this but if you don't I am going to share a little about my current life situation and that is that I am on a journey with my husband who is living with Younger Onset Alzheimer's Dementia. My husband, who has just turned 60, was diagnosed three years ago and was told at that time he wasn't in the early stages. I call our current situation and his illness a journey as we are both don't know where we are headed with it, because it is very different for everyone, and sometimes the path is smooth, sometimes very rocky and sometimes an uphill battle.

As a result I am having to make some decisions and choices that although I don't want to make them I think they are what I need to do at this point in time for me to cope with the changes that we are experiencing and how they are so unpredictable. Along with all the other "balls" or situations I am juggling at the moment, such as still working two days a week as a tax consultant, one day a week looking after our gorgeous grandson, a father who is in a nursing home five hours away from me and experiencing his own progression of dementia, plus, the general day to day activities that fall on my shoulders. My husband no longer drives or cooks and gradually needs more guidance with daily activities and tasks. The unpredictability of his moods and emotions are also taking a toll on how I manage things. Anyone wanting to learn more about Alzheimer's Dementia click here.

Therefore, I am making a few changes to my Stampin' Up! activities at this point in time and no I am not resigning as a Stampin' Up! demonstrator as I love this so much and it has got me through other difficulty times in my life, such as when my mother died. At the end of 2016 I had made the decision to step up my SU! activities and approach it in a more business-like manner, rather than the hobby it was, with the intention of it replacing my current employment (knowing that this will end in time due to my husband's illness) and something I could run from home. However, as good as my intentions were I didn't realise how I couldn't sustain that approach with things as they are. So I will be no longer sending out weekly newsletters, they will be more sporadic  and unpredictable, but hopefully at times of new promotions or when there is exciting SU! news to share! I will not be holding classes or workshops at my home (which have declined over the past six months anyway), but casual stamping times may occur from time to time and my friends are always welcome to come and get 'inky' with me as it is to become 'my' therapy again and 'time out' for me in my craft room without commitments, planning or pressure (that I know I put on myself) due to this up and down ride I am on.

I have been so blessed with the friendships and support I have made through SU!, and the additional interest in my regular newsletters and FB posts etc, that I wanted to share a little of what I am dealing with currently.  Not to seek sympathy but just understanding as I take a step back from my online activities and social media content and take the pressure off myself.

I love SU! and what it has brought me over these past 11 years, and I not going anywhere, you can still order through me and my Online Store. I will simply be refocussing for a little while and putting my energies into areas where I am more needed at this point in time. So Watch This Space as I share with you all here and there, whether it be via newsletter, FB post, on my blog or in your letterbox!

The best way you can support me at this time is to continuing enjoy using your Stampin' Up! products and when you receive that brand new SU! catalogue order through my store and have fun with your new products!


Bronwyn Eastley said...

Hey gorgeous, if it wasn't for SU, we may not have reconnected after TCAE :). Love the friendship that we have. I totally get where you are coming from Mae. Although I don't have the battles that you face, it's good to reflect on our 'commitments' that we often put on ourselves. I've been reassessing things a lot lately too and want to craft more for fun than 'business'. I'll be down your way in June so hopefully we can catch up for a cuppa. x

Mae's Cachet said...

I would love to catch up. Xx


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