Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Storage by Stampin' Up! --- Now Available to Order!

Who likes an organised craft space? I know I do, because if I can see it and get it quickly then I am more likely to use it and get creating!

Stampin' Up! have now created a space-saving, sleek and customisable modular storage solution to give our favourite, colourful Stampin’ Up! products the perfect home. With various shapes and sizes to choose from, it’s up to you to organise your space your way!

Here are the answers to questions you might have about these storage products...

Will old-design Stampin’ Pads fit in the Ink Pad & Marker Storage Trays?

No. The Ink Pad & Marker Storage Trays are designed to fit our new-design Stampin’ Pads only. You can use the open style cube for these older style ink pads and other specialty ink pads.

How high can I stack storage trays?

We stacked up to 50 storage trays without any issues, BUT we would not recommend stacking that high. While our Storage by Stampin’ Up! products are sturdy, the higher you stack them, the less stable they’ll become. Use your discretion when stacking.

Can I mount my Storage by Stampin’ Up! products on the wall?

No. Our modular storage products are designed to sit on a table (or similar flat surface). Drilling holes in them is not recommended.

How should I use the Open Storage Cube?

The Open Storage Cube can be used to hold any miscellaneous items like ribbon, embellishments and small punches. It could also be used to store the old design Stampin' Pads if you have colours in that format.

Can I mix and match Storage by Stampin’ Up! products?

Yes! Our Storage by Stampin’ Up! products are modular and designed with customisation in mind. Whether your craft space is a small desk or shelf area or whether it is a longer configuration these storage cubes can be stacked and configured to your specific needs and area.

Do I need a Storage Lid for each 5-tray stack?

No. The Storage Lid covers the top of Ink Pad & Marker Storage Trays, Stampin’ Blends Storage Trays and Open Storage Cubes, so you need only one per storage tower you design.

Are Storage by Stampin’ Up! products free-standing or stacked?

Both. We designed these modular storage products to be free-standing and stackable, so you can customise your crafting space to work best for you and your styling methods.

Will there be expansions to the Storage by Stampin’ Up! product line in the future?

Like all of our product offerings, we hope Storage by Stampin’ Up! will be successful and expand. However, at this point in time, I have no extra news to share with you.

Are there any Storage by Stampin’ Up! bundles available?

We are not currently offering any bundles for items from our Storage by Stampin’ Up! product line. Everyone's storage needs are different and unique so if you’re looking for some examples on how to mix and match our storage pieces together, please take a look at the configuration chart and images shared in this post.

How many Stampin’ Ink Refills can I store in the Storage Topper?

You can store up to 20 Stampin’ Ink Refills (or other small items like embossing powders, sponges, adhesives or embellishments) in the Storage Topper.

Are ink pads difficult to remove from Ink Pad & Marker Storage Trays?

No. When you insert an ink pad into a storage tray, a small portion of the ink pad will stick out. It was designed this way, so your ink pads will be both secure and easy to access. This is the same for the markers—they will stick out a little for ease of access.

Can I buy individual Ink Pad & Marker Storage Trays and/or Stampin’ Blends Storage Trays?

No. Both of these items include a set of five white plastic trays. Please use the configuration chart to determine how many storage units you need. You can always share with a crafting friend, however, I would suggest you need the extra as your supplies grow!

What material do you use to make Storage by Stampin’ Up! products?

Our modular storage products are made with white, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic, which is a lightweight and durable material. Easy to wipe clean and dust if you must!

How do the silicone feet work?

To protect your surface and prevent slipping, we’ve included peel-and-stick silicone feet with the Ink Pad & Marker Storage Trays, Stampin’ Blends Storage Trays and Open Storage Cube. I would suggest saving any extra silicone feet in case (like I would do) you want to reconfigure your set up as you use it and find what works best for you!

I want it all but the configuration of cubes I want will hurt the budget?

My suggestion would then be to sign up as a demonstrator and include the storage cubes in your Starter Kit, which is completely customisable your way, you include any Stampin' Up! products you want to the value of $235 and only pay $169! Then you can order more after joining at the 20% demo discount!! When you have everything you want you can stop with no penalties or restrictions, but who would want to with a new catalogue and new products coming out soon! Stay and get a continual discount on future stamping supplies and before the general customer base. Sign up today and join my team - click here!

Any questions just email me: maecollins2@gmail.com 

I have placed my order and look forward to sorting some more of my craft space!

If you need any stamping supplies, I’d be very happy to be your Demonstrator. Just click on the Shop Online With Mae button on the right side of the screen to go directly to my online store or drop me an email: maecollins2@gmail.com, if you have any questions. Happy Stamping!

Click on the image to order yours today!

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